Monday, December 28, 2009

Modern Era : Steel Brigade

Special Forces

When the Incredible Hulk Line was laying on shelves i noticed some of the figures had Steel Brigade helmets and so i now had a way to create a SB Figure, this was before the ROC Pit Commando came along with these helmets making them alot easier to get

Steel Brigade was first available in the sixth series (1987) as a mail-in offer from Hasbro Direct. The offer was hyped as a "personalized" figure, and came with a personalized bio certificate. It essentially was a figure made up of repainted parts from other figures with the head being the only original piece.

From the years 1987 through 1994, Steel Brigade was offered off and on from Hasbro Direct. As the years passed, different parts of different figures were recolored and used to create new variations of the Steel Brigade figure.

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