Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moder Era : USS Flagg Deck Crew Set

W.H.A.L.E. Pilot, Sailor,Admiral, Navy Assault Seaman

Well this is my Uss Flagg deck crew
To bad i dont have a Flagg yet lol... but when i do these guys will run it for me, I made Keel Haul and Topside from scratch and updated Cutters head with a special cast made by Tank Member "Bantha" and i threw my Hasbro made Shippy in for the Pictures sake

Keel Haul was released as part of the fourth series (1985), packaged exclusively with the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier. He was also sold in 1986, then was discontinued domestically in 1987.

In 1989, he was available mail-order as part of the "Special Missions Drivers" set with Ace, Thunder, Lampreys, Strato-Viper, and Motor Viper.

Left-over bagged Keel-Haul figures were eventually released through some strange channels and ended up as prizes at Chuck E. Cheese pizza/arcades and carnivals around the country as "Skeeball" prizes in 1993.

This action figure is often referred to as "Admiral Keel Haul".

Topside was released carded as part of the ninth series (1990). He was discontinued domestically in 1991.

Cutter was packaged exclusively with the G.I.Joe Hovercraft (W.H.A.L.E.) as part of the third series (1984). Cutter and the WHALE Hovercraft were also available in 1985. They were discontinued in 1986.

Shipwreck was first released as part of the fourth series (1985). He was also available in 1986 and was discontinued in 1987.

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