Thursday, February 11, 2010

Modern Era : Dr.Venom

Dr. Venom first appeared when the Joes Zap, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes were kidnapped during a siege of a Cobra stronghold and taken to the the town of Springfield. Dr. Venom used his Brainwave Scanner machine to interrogate Snake-Eyes in hopes of reading his mind to learn the location of G.I. Joe's headquarters. Snake-Eyes was able to resist the machine and fake his own death in order to get Dr. Venom to release him. Snake-Eyes later hit Dr. Venom in the face with a stolen rifle and escaped.[1]
Dr. Venom has big plans.

This would not be the last time Dr. Venom and Snake-Eyes would cross paths however. Shortly afterward, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Breaker and Gung-Ho traveled to Sierra Gordo where they were captured by Cobra agents led by the Baroness and Dr. Venom. As a measure of revenge, Dr. Venom viciously pistol-whipped and beat Snake-Eyes for attacking him in Springfield. Venom left Snake-Eyes in a burning warehouse, believing the commando was dead. By the time Venom realized Snake-Eyes had tricked him again, it was too late. Snake-Eyes escaped and rescued his teammates.

Venom gave Scarface and the Baroness a deadly virus, the purpose of which was unknown. When Snake-Eyes made his presence known, Baroness and Scarface leaving Kwinn the Eskimo and Venom behind to deal with Snake-Eyes. Snake-Eyes confronted Kwinn and Venom, but before they could fight, the Baroness bombed the island, trying to kill Kwinn and Venom because they knew too much.[2]

The three men survived and escaped the bunker, but soon Venom betrayed Kwinn and Snake-Eyes, saving himself, not caring that the others had helped save his life. Kwinn knew Venom was nothing but a traitorous coward and vowed to exact his revenge on the Venom.

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